10 Tracks to get through this winter

The cold dark weather this winter is taking its toll on our sun craving souls.

What better way to lighten the mood on these gloomy days, then with some music to remind us about those glorious long summer days…

I have compiled some tracks which instantly remind me of summer every time hear them.

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Coronus the Terminator_ Flying Lotus.

This lush composition signifies transition to me personally. From winter to summer, dark to bright or as flylo intended life to death…


One of my all time favourite tracks which in my perception epitomises the build up of excitement the summer brings. Not to say this wouldn’t work in winter, this is just marvellous! In fact I have yet to hear something from Bonobo which I don’t love.

Sun _Caribou.

A tune that has been silently whispering in my ear ever since I got back from the Caribbean.

Itzehoe_ Max Graef.

This track reminds me of many summer parties with my mate Sean. Every time I listen, it just makes me groove!

Noche Suenos_Mala in cuba.

A vivid memory that this brings to mind takes me back to 2013. An old fort in Pula, Croatia for Dimensions festival. Mala played a live set as part of the Mala in Cuba project, which due to unforeseen circumstances I didn’t get to enjoy as much as I wanted.

Bambro koyo Ganda_Bonobo.

I was fascinated by the vocals on this track, which are complimented by the excellent production from Bonobo on this one. Whilst attending a festival in Marrakech, Morocco I discovered that the vocals are done by very famous traditional Moroccan artists. If you want to hear more of Innov Gnawa check them out here.

Girl_Jamie xx.

To those summer loves that never worked out….. to the ones that did, but eventually faded… and to the ones that are yet to come…

Look at yourself_ Synkro.

This track is a great accompaniment to any sunrise or sunset. The sub bass on this one will definitely warm you up with it’s smooth rays of goodness.

Let in the light_ Moderat.

Shedding the winter blues with some Moderat never sounds like a bad idea.

You_Bicep & Ejeca.

I must have played this a thousand times and yet, still enjoy it to today. This reminds me of many nights spent out clubbing with my buddies during those hot summers.

Which tracks remind you of summer?

Leave your recommendations in the comments below!

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