Up and running, rookie mistake takes everything down for 48 hours….

So last Friday morning, I was working actively on this new blog. I had just drafted a music blog with the new tracks,I am currently listening to. As I scrolled and edited my way round small mistakes in articles, I decided to add some pages…

Disclaimer: Not my desk, I wish mine was as tidy…

First I added a Music page, which is now linked to my sound cloud profile.

All was going absolutely great until, I had another brilliant idea! I should add a shop page…. A while ago, I had set up my shopify store. I thought why not link it to a shop page on the blog. So after a couple of minutes of fiddling about I pressed a couple of confirm buttons and get a done confirmation…

I refreshed the page to see how the new page is looking and to my surprise the store has taken over my whole domain. I try to enter the editor and I got an error!

“S***!! I’m locked out” I said to myself as I became instantly anxious.

In a frenzy I started searching online for answers. After a few seconds, I found an article which suggested I change DNS settings. So that I did!

It only took me a couple of moments to realise I don’t know what the heck I am doing. So I deleted a couple of lines and commands. Refresh!

Now its even worse! Error establishing database connection. NO !!!

So I get in touch with my mate Chris, who’s been into IT for as long as I known him. He helped me understand what was wrong. My domain was pointing to two IP addresses.

I ultimately could not fix it by myself, I had to get the hosting company support on it. After a couple of calls to India and some place in eastern Europe, support says its sorted but it needs to propagate for 48 hours.

During this time I wondered if all would be lost and if I should perhaps start over… I then remembered about a great talk by Jocko Willink on his podcast. Listen Below.

Basically his idea is that even in major problems and issues, there will always be some good. So it is just a matter of recognising that part and focusing on it rather than dwelling on the bad situation.

following Jocko’s advice, I am lately trying to find positive in what would usually be just a negative issue. When I made this mistake, I didnt see it at first. But this mistake would lead me to understand how DNS actually work.

As Jocko would put it

“You F***** up your blog? Good!! you learnt something today”

What mistakes have you made, that you ultimately learned from?

Leave your feedback in the comment section below.

Fresh music I’m digging in 2019

I am going to start sharing the music I am currently listening to here… My first playlist this year 2019.

Some of my favourite artists returning with greats tracks whilst also some others that I had forgotten about. Listen below.

January selections playlist on spotify by Jonathan Borg

  1. Bonobo – Ibrik (4K sound)– A truly great start to the year with the new track Ibrik, which was released on the 22nd January. This is a great piece of work which we now have come to expect from Si. After the long migration tour. Bonobo delivers.
  2. Apparat – Dawan (Official)– After a few years working under the Moderat moniker with Modeselektor. Apparat is back to making music under his own alias. Loving the comeback so far.
  3. Glasshouses By Maribou State, Holly Walker – Mellow one for those cold mornings.
  4. Nicola Cruz РCrian̤ada (con Castello Branco)
  5. Nils Frahm -Sweet little lie – This piece of music is the perfect sound track to a rainy day….
  6. Nightmares on Wax feat. Steve Spacek – Good Ship– Something fresh by Nightmares on wax with a collaboration with Steve Spacek.
  7. Massive Attack, Mad Professor – Wire (leaping dub) – Just floating with this single that was released on 11th January.
  8. FaltyDL – If all people took acid – one for the floor, the title is self explanatory.
  9. Modeselektor – I Am Your God [MTR095B] -Modeselektor release new material after the Moderat project with Apparat. This is fresh dancefloor material from the duo.
  10. Om Unit – Righteousness – On this stepping side of the things this is just righteous!

What are you currently listening to? Leave your comments below…

The story starts here…

It’s another cold January morning in Malta, it looks grey outside and I could hear the tiny hail pinching at the window.I ponder if I should get out of bed at all today, I am feeling sick anyway… I procrastinate for a while but ultimately decide to make some tea to warm me up. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, I was faced by a lot of thoughts which have been recurring for a while now…

Am I reaching my full potential?

Am I really happy doing what I am doing?

If I were to die in the next 6 months would I keep doing the same motions?

What would I change?

As the kettle started to whistle intensively I stood still in sudden realisation…

I knew the answers all along but feared accepting them. My soul had been telling me something for a while but my brain was simply doing the logical thing. Thinking about the numbers rather than the emotions.

I was being reluctant to listen to the little voice… but it turns out you cant run from it…. The more I tried to drown the noise the louder it seemed to become… Now it is time to accept it. A few pointers that will help along the way.

Stop trying to please everyone…. Instead learn to please yourself.

Just because you can do something does not mean you should be doing it.

No one owes you anything and You don’t owe anything to anyone…

Do what you want to do….