About Me

Good times in Taormina Sicily on the last leg of a road trip through Europe, December 2018
Photocredit: @sarahborgbarthet

Well let’s start with the formalities, My name is Jonathan a millennial currently in my late twenties. A Maltese national born and raised in a small, quiet village called “Ħal Safi”

Having said that, I consider myself being a citizen of the world above all else. I do not believe in us and them mentality, I believe that we are all one on this planet and should not be divided by borders, religions, ethnicity, politics or social classes. Instead of dwelling on our “labels” given to us by the authorities ie: governments, churches and other establishments with influences. We should instead collectively focus, on other important issues we all face together as humanity. Such as poverty, climate change and pollution in order to make this world a better place for future generations

Wandering in Prague, with one of my best buddies: @kurtchircop

My greatest passion right now would be traveling. I have started the journey slowly, mainly thru Europe and a few other interesting places. But ultimately, I plan to travel all over the world. Experience different cultures, learn the intriguing history of the places I visit, indulge in local culinary delicacies. Last but not least, how could I almost forget? the nectar of gods! tasting local wine!

I am a firm believer in karma, good intent and good deeds contribute to good karma and future happiness,  whilst on the other hand bad intent and bad deeds contribute to bad karma and future suffering… quite a simple process to live by but I feel it is so powerful.

I would try anything at least once then choose to formulate my own perception of the experience, rather then taking someones word for it. Whether it is traveling to a “dangerous” country or going for the adventurous option on the menu among other things. Funnily enough,I was very reluctant to try sushi for years but it did happen and although I enjoyed it,It is safe to say I did not get a loyalty card yet…

First time trying bacon donuts, Los Angeles November 2017

Something that I could not live without is music, It helped my thru the bad times and it made the good ones even more memorable. There are a lot of influences in my music taste. I could suggest that for every mood, season, time and place there is the right piece of music to accompany that ambience or feeling. Below is a playlist of music I like, compiled a while ago. It’s seems that it has stood the test of time so far… The music still feels relevant to me personally to this date.

This love for music led me to start learning guitar in my early teenage years. I would later ditch to do the coolest thing ever at that time. I started learning how to deejay on vinyls. This would later lead to sharing stages with some of my favourite artists at that time. Which I had listened to for years as I grew up.On the way home after catching up with my friends on the fountain. I would jump on the last bus from Valletta. Sit alone on the last window seat. plug in my headphones and listen profoundly to my MP3’s whilst watching the world go by…

Sharing the stage with Green Velvet and one of my best friends Malcolm

After being in the local music scene for a couple of years. I would watch my friends make music in their bedroom studios. The next logical step was to make music.

Bedroom Jamming session

During those years I would get lost in making music so much that I would lose the perception of time. Skipping important things such as meals, meetings and even dates with my then girlfriend (Sorry***).

Later in life I would learn it is called a state of “FLOW” in a book by Mihaly Csikszentmihalyi. I have yet to experience that state of flow since then. I haven’t found much time for it lately either to be completely honest.

But hey, just dancing under the stars with your friends at a rave has a flow of its own.

A rave in a wineyard, with Nicky slim and Nightmares on wax.

I love taking photos too! Check them out…
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