Destination: Skopje

After flying in from Malta late last night, I checked into a cute little hostel called “Shanti Hostel” which is located in Majir Maalo. This happens to be one of the oldest neighbourhoods in Skopje. It’s a very quite area in which mostly local people live and because of that, you can still feel the old spirit of the city. A few buildings look a bit run down but that makes for good photos!

Soon after settling in the luggage into my room, I met some other guests that were chilling by the fire in the living area. After introducing myself and telling them I came from Malta, we quickly started flowing in conversation. Adrian who is originally from Taiwan, lived in Brazil and currently studies statistics in Bologna, had just visited Malta last December and he loved it! We spoke about Valletta, Mdina, the public transportation system and “Pastizzi” among other things. As we finished our tea, I realised that it was already 2 am. I said good night to my new found friends and went up to my room to get some sleep.

I had one roomie for the night who was already fast asleep. I got my chargers out to plug in my devices only to discover they have different plugs here and I didn’t bring any adapters. I can’t charge anything tonight, so I will have to make a quick run to procure one first thing tomorrow morning.

I guess thats one of the disadvantages of last minute plans, you are most probably going to forget something!

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