No plans this weekend?Great! Quick flight to the Balkans….

It was almost time to leave the office when I came to the realisation that I had been so busy all week! I did not even make any plans for the weekend….

I brain stormed what to do as I finished my coffee whilst starting to shut down my computer for the day. I saved my files and continued to close the browsing tabs I had open. I landed on which happens to be our homepage at work. I wondered how much a flight departing tonight would cost? I thought to myself…..

I opened skyscanner for the millionth time since I have been back from the Caribbean. I looked at flights to Barcelona, Istanbul and Paris but all were super expensive. I then came across a good price for flights to Skopje, Macedonia for 3 days.

Great, flight leaves at 20:25 I’ve got time to shower and pack!

As I left the office, I stopped by the nice lady working at the Lufthansa city centre and she quickly sorted out my tickets and check in! Cheers Nadia!

I had 45 minutes to go home and get ready at this point, time to get a move on!

I arrived home and informed about my sudden weekend plans… I found my old Eastpak bag, only for the zipper to be jammed! Plan B: gym bag!

I crammed my laptop, chargers, a book and two changes of clothes. Quick shower and I was off.

Back at the airport and as I pass thru transit I meet an old friend who is off to Indonesia and the Phillipines for two months! That sounds like a great adventure! Wouldn’t you want to join? I then explained my trip to the Balkans and how quickly that had escalated. We both quickly agreed that traveling is one of the best things to experience in life before parting ways.

I waved my colleagues on shift and sat at our usual cafeteria with an espresso to start documenting this journey on this blog …..

What felt like moments later…..

The call is made and the gate is open!

Catch you later I guess…

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