The story starts here…

It’s another cold January morning in Malta, it looks grey outside and I could hear the tiny hail pinching at the window.I ponder if I should get out of bed at all today, I am feeling sick anyway… I procrastinate for a while but ultimately decide to make some tea to warm me up. Whilst waiting for the kettle to boil, I was faced by a lot of thoughts which have been recurring for a while now…

Am I reaching my full potential?

Am I really happy doing what I am doing?

If I were to die in the next 6 months would I keep doing the same motions?

What would I change?

As the kettle started to whistle intensively I stood still in sudden realisation…

I knew the answers all along but feared accepting them. My soul had been telling me something for a while but my brain was simply doing the logical thing. Thinking about the numbers rather than the emotions.

I was being reluctant to listen to the little voice… but it turns out you cant run from it…. The more I tried to drown the noise the louder it seemed to become… Now it is time to accept it. A few pointers that will help along the way.

Stop trying to please everyone…. Instead learn to please yourself.

Just because you can do something does not mean you should be doing it.

No one owes you anything and You don’t owe anything to anyone…

Do what you want to do….

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